Tshwane city manager to be appointed on August 1

Pretoria - The City of Tshwane is likely to fill the vacant position of city manager on August 1 following the appointment of an independent body to oversee the appointment process.
This was disclosed by head administrator Mpho Nawa, who said the City wanted the appointment process to be “open, clean and credible”.

“We have professional people to assist in the process. People have applied and they must be treated equally.”

He said the decision to appoint would be made despite a legal challenge to interdict the process by one of the candidates, who responded to the initial job advertisement last year before council's dissolution.

The candidate, Aubrey Masha, took the City to court after recruitment was restarted by a team of administrators appointed in March to take charge of municipal affairs.

The Pretoria News understands that Masha wanted to interdict the process because he believed he was the favourite to get the lucrative post.

Nawa said a team of administrators had begun the process after they consulted with the SA Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) and Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (Imatu).

Without being specific, he said that gaps had been identified in the appointment process.

“We realised there were gaps after we had consulted with the internal unions. We then decided to restart the process of the appointment, but you can’t restart without informing those who applied before.

“At the point where we restarted the process we realised that there was somebody - Mr Masha - who wanted to interdict the process,” he said.

The objection from Masha, who applied for the post last year, was that he was a frontrunner for the position.

The matter between the two parties had already been heard at the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, but the judgment was reserved.

Nawa said: “We have defended the matter in court. We are now going through the process of appointment. The only thing we are doing is to get an independent body to help us.”

He lashed out at the DA for making false claims “that there was a particular person we wanted to employ”.

“And then they changed the story that there was a person we were going to permanently employ on June 23, which was also untrue.”

He said the party initially made an urgent court application to interdict the process, but withdrew after “we told them that there was nothing urgent because we have to follow due process before appointing”.

On June 19 the DA launched a legal bid to block the appointment on the grounds that it would be unlawful by virtue of being made by a team of administrators whose tenure in office was found to be unconstitutional.

Nawa said: “If they (the DA) have anything to add they can help us think it through. They can’t say we can’t do it. The mandate we have been given is to go through that process and we are going to do it. On August 1 we are likely to have a person appointed.”

Pretoria News

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