Collection Investigation and Security Aid


Investigation And Collection Process


Set up meeting between client and investigator thus forming partnership


Investigator conducts investigation and starts with procedures


Investigator gets in contact with debtor


Client receives regular reports on all information gathered and communication with debtor


Necessary action is taken to retrieve outstanding debts


All money is paid directly to the client account

What makes us Effective and unique?

Our Mission Statement

“We provide the highest ethical and professional approach when dealing with both clients and debtors in maximising the recovery of lost revenue, ensuring that we live up to our values.

Our staff is highly qualified and are 110% committed to improving our overall service in order for us to lead our clients in the right direction. Our team of specialised debt collectors have vast amounts of knowledge and skills in the industry.

Over the years, we have successfully dealt with various types of outstanding debts and investigations as well as built up our extensive network in different law enforcement agencies, working side by side to ensure the debtor is brought to justice.

We are committed to building up a trusted partnership with our clients, ensuring that our clients have made the right decision in utilising our certified services.

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