Representation of CSOS (Community Scheme Ombuds Services) matters

We are experts in our fields and therefore equipped to deal with your matter(s).

Our scope of clients consists of:

Managing Agents




Board of Directors (HOA)

The above is either the applicant (making the application to CSOS) or respondent (the person that must defend themselves). We can assist in making the application or assist in defending the matter.

The perfect client is the person who has exhausted the internal remedies and is still not getting satisfaction in its dispute lodged.

Here are some examples of areas where we can assist our Customers with regards to CSOS matters:

Acting on behalf of the board of trustees/directors to collect arrears levies.

Trustees against owner(s) or tenant(s) by means of Enforcing of the Conduct rules such as:
- Noise
- Pets
- Parking
- Vandalising to common property
- Residents conducting businesses from sections
- Illegal built on’s
- Swimming pool related matters

Individual owner against the board of trustees for the following:
- Unjustifiable fines
- Unfair parking allocations
- Unfair regulating of common property
- Maintenance matters
- Decline of Pet request(s) although the conduct rules stipulate differently
- Trustees not following correct meeting procedures

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